Art Goods

2020 Calendar

Coffee Dream Picture Book

Coffee Dream picture book starring tuxedo cat Bubble, with poem by Amanda and drawings by An

2019 Calendar

Little Adventures! Our 7th year of creating calendars!

2018 Calendar

A year of nature’s impressions. Calendar for 2017 from a collection of nature inspired abstract paintings.

2017 Calendar

Stars and the Night Sky. This year’s calendar leads us to the realm of watery depths and dreams. All from original watercolor paintings.

Sacred Geometry

Works inspired by Sacred Geometry. Some are in the forms of paper cuts, some as illustrations with hand-sewn crystals.

2015 Calendar

Animal companionship. This year, let these graphite and color pencil animal drawings accompany you.

2014 Calendar

Flower Essence. Watercolor illustrations made with soft-pastel colors and fragrant flowers